Couture Collection

Ling Long

A Call to Intuition

True power comes from within

To have the heart of a child is to live for exploration, creation and change. Deep within diamonds lies a call to reclaim these childhood intuitions.  
With an ingenious small bell design hiding a diamond heart, the Ling Long collection is a celebration of new life, an invitation to connect the inner self with the outside world.

Ling Long pendant in 18K white gold with pave diamonds and rubies



Xiao Q Ling Long bracelet in 18K rose gold with diamonds



Named after the Chinese sound for the ringing of a small bell, Ling Long jewellery artfully echoes the natural grace of bells with each swing and strike.

While capturing their symbolism in Chinese culture as a protective charm and a token of good fortune traditionally tied to the ankles of newborns. Pleasingly symmetrical, the small bells of Ling Long tease and intrigue, amusing newborns with their melodious sound while awakening your own childhood intuition.  
Developed by Dennis Chan, Founder and Creative Director of Qeelin, Ling Long is the world’s first bell design with embedded diamonds; a celebration of beauty through sound, and a call back to innocence. Crafted with white gold, the small bell is embedded with faceted diamonds with colour scales up to E-F and adorned with rubies, black jade or rose gold, accompanying you through every important moment.   
Specially designed for newborns, the XXS Petite Ling Long is an exquisite bracelet crafted in 18k white gold and rose gold, featuring a small and crisp-sounding bell: a beautiful token of good wishes to welcome little ones into the world.   
Ever present, the natural beauty of diamonds goes beyond sight and sound: it inspires you to connect with the most inner parts of your heart.