Abundance in Life and Beauty

Adorning Chinese imperial gardens, the alluring and mysterious lotus flower is the symbol of wisdom and lasting success.



A Timeless Fantasy

Inspired by robots that have left their mark in all of our childhood fantasies. Crafted in a vintage style, Roobot features fully rotating limbs and moving gearwheels in the chest showcasing intricate craftmanship with playful tones.


Jade Paradise

Love Whisper in Spring

Jade is a treasured gemstone in Chinese culture symbolising spiritual virtues and purity with the soothing energy to bring balance and harmony. Qeelin’s Jade Paradise collection features diamonds, colour gemstones and 18K gold set as artistic stories on a jade canvas.


King & Queen

The Regal Splendor of Love

The King & Queen collection embodies the belief of the “auspicious union of the dragon and phoenix” as the pinnacle of harmony in Chinese culture. These two mythical creatures symbolize the harmony between yin and yang, and the promise for love.


Ling Long

A Call To Intuition

Named after the Chinese sound of a ringing bell, Ling Long jewellery is a celebration of new life, capturing their symbolism in Chinese culture as a protective charm and a token of good fortune.