Let’s Be Playful!
“Fine jewellery is often celebrated as masterpieces of craftsmanship – and therefore often locked in the safe box. For me, this is no fun. I think fine jewellery is to be enjoyed. Why embrace luxury if you cannot enjoy it?”
Dennis Chan

Qeelin jewellery is about bringing a smile to wearer’s face, and there is an element of fun to the designs. This is one of the driving forces that led to the technical innovations that Dennis Chan and his master craftsmen deployed in creating the designs.

Just imagine Bo Bo and his/her fantastic wardrobe, giving the wearer the option to change Bo Bo’s “clothes” crafted in pave diamonds every day. Look at Xi Xi the lion, nodding and dancing to every step that you take. Smile at the hidden message inside Xin Yen, the fortune cookie. Play with Qin Qin, the gold fish, and see which fish she would end up kissing! And enjoy pointing your finger as the Yu Yi lock flips and dazzles….

Bo Bo
Qin Qin
Xi Xi

“The jewellery brings me back to my childhood days,” says Dennis Chan, “and I do hope that the designs can bring out the child in you too. I am not designing museum pieces which are locked away for ninety-five percent of the time, and only to see the light of day on ‘important’ occasions. What day is more important than today – now.”

Chan is resolute that his jewellery is to be enjoyed every day. Apart from the playfulness in design, Chan asks his customers to be playful, to dare to play with the styling of the jewellery and wardrobe, so that each person’s individuality can shine through.

Just as Maggie Cheung stunned the world with just one dangling Wulu earring, many Qeelin items are sold singly, and not “perfectly” matched so as to give the wearer the freedom to style her own look. Chan also encourage the “layering” or “mixing and matching” of his jewellery. “The collections are not meant to be worn as a whole, but to be mixed,” says Chan.

Fine Craftsmanship