All about Balance and Harmony
“A core value in Chinese culture is balance and harmony. As an avid lover of things of East and West, this core value permeates my designs.”
Dennis Chan
In Chinese culture, there is the concept of balance and harmony, which often is born out of contrasts. This is often echoed in Chan’s jewellery designs. “I believe in bringing our harmony out of divergences,” muses Chan. “As a designer I love the concept of contrast and creation.”

In his study on Chinese civilization and heritage, Chan discovered many Chinese symbols and motifs, but they were not to be just “borrowed” from the past. Instead, in his designs Chan is adamant about bringing out contrasts and ultimately balance. “Just like yin and yang,” says Chan. His jewellery therefore displays both the meaningful and the playful, balancing the traditional with the contemporary, being artistic and yet easy to wear, and embracing both Eastern and Western elements.
In the iconic Tien Di design, which stemmed from the Chinese notion that the heaven is round and the earth is square, Chan fused the contrasting shapes harmoniously in one ring.
Tien Di earring
Tien Di rings
In Qin Qin, the propitious goldfish, Chan ingeniously planted magnets in the fishes’ mouths, meaning that when attracted they kiss, when repelled they turn away. But each fish will eventually find his/her perfect match. “In life and love, aren’t we always in search of this ultimate harmony – and love?” Chan muses.
Qin Qin collection
Likewise in King & Queen, a collection derived from the mythical Chinese dragon and phoenix which represented yang and yin – two opposing life forces which give balance to the world – Chan further experimented with the concept of harmony. In addition to incorporating the dragon and phoenix into timeless designs, Chan daringly combined the two creatures into one single bangle. “For me, that is the perfect union,” says Chan.
King & Queen collection
Fine Craftsmanship
Creative Director - Dennis Chan